Trevor Noonan

2023 John Furlong Award

Trevor Noonan, CCM, CCE, ECM

Toronto Club

The Toronto Club was founded in 1837 as Canada’s oldest private club and the third oldest in North America. A private business and social club, it is appreciated by its members as an oasis of understated elegance, refinement, good manners, civility and decorum. Membership in the club is by invitation and consists of many of Canada’s leading corporate executives across all industries, including accomplished professionals and leaders in business, academia, health care, the arts and impactful community services. The club is committed to a membership culture of inclusion, mutual respect, and equally valued contributions.

Trevor Noonan has nearly 28 years of club management experience and became the Toronto Club’s Chief Operating Officer in 2016. “Trevor began his tenure by effecting a very considerate and effective transition from the previous highly regarded Club Secretary, who had been in place for over 21 years and who many members regarded as ‘irreplaceable,’“ wrote Club President David F. Denison, O.C., In nominating him for Excellence in Club Management® recognition. “He quickly won the confidence of members and staff with his strong and genuine style of leadership and professional competence, while honoring the traditions and past practices of his predecessor.

“ ‘Change’ and ‘New’ at any club can be difficult, let alone a club with 186 years of history,” Denison added. “Trevor has been very adept at making changes and introducing new programming, or as he calls them, ‘enhancements to the club’s programs and services.’ These initiatives have enhanced the value proposition of the club and have been accepted and embraced by its members.

“The Executive Committee, Committee of Management, members and employees of the club would universally agree that it has been an eventful six years since Trevor Noonan arrived at the Toronto Club,” Denison concluded. “He has proven to be the right leader for our club as it embraces the changes entailed by its new strategic plan while also preserving its important traditions. His commitment, energy and leadership have had a very positive impact on the club and contributed to its expanded membership ranks, member usage and satisfaction.”