Marty Ryan

2020 Lifetime Achievement

Marty Ryan – ECM

Wellesley Country Club

Congratulations to as fine a fellow as the club world has ever known. Marty has been an institution at Wellesley Country Club in Boston for the past 29 years. The members love him and the children more so. He is the official Lolly Pop Giver as the Willy Wonka of Wellesley. He is Grandpa Marty to each and every child, even after they have grown up, and no one loves children more than he. Marty and his wife never had children, so all Wellesley children are his pride and joy. 

He has served as the Happy Irish Face of Wellesley for each and every member and guest. He managed Wellesley to be one of the best clubs in the nation with a long waiting list of future members, helped create and manage the best facilities of any club in the northeast and achieved outstanding member satisfaction ratings in all club areas. 

We will miss Marty at Wellesley as he brings his charm and wit to a broader world. He can’t retire as the club world would not be the same. He has been the personification of what it takes to be a great club manager. Marty, we will never forget what you did for showing us how to provide a club with an unmatched love of members and their children.