Jack Slaughter

James H. Brewer Award

Jack Slaughter – CCM, CCE, ECM

Carolina Country Club

Jack was hired as General Manager/Chief Operating Officer of Carolina Country Club in 2007. Jack has provided the vision and dedication necessary to make Carolina Country Club what it is today. Jack’s unparalleled skills in club management have never shown more brightly than what he exhibited in response to the challenges occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through his leadership, the Club was able to maintain member service through creativity and innovation and re-allocate labor and leverage government assistance programs to keep his entire staff employed and/or compensated at their pre-COVID levels and to adhere to the pre-COVID budget.  Jack and his team, at all times remained focused on safely providing as many services as possible.  One of his greatest successes this past year was the execution of three large projects totaling $7.125 million that were completed on time and 5% under budget. This included a Service Addition, casual kitchen redesign/renovation and Ladies Locker Room. The Club has enjoyed a great reputation in the Raleigh community and currently has a wait-list of 325 nominees which is about a 7-8-year wait.  

Jack holds a degree in Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management from Purdue University.  Jack has been able to manage this successful Club while mentoring numerous Club Management Professionals. Jack maintains and advocates a work-life balance for himself and his team. He and his wife April are raising five children, Stuart, Kayla, Austin, Angelina and Jeremiah.